Book on Nematode published

Aligarh:  A books titled “Nematode Infestations Part-III Horticultural Crops”, compiled and edited by Dr. Mujeebur Rahman Khan, Department of Plant Protection and Professor M. Shamim Jairajpuri, Department of Zoology, Aligarh Muslim University has been published by the National Academy of Sciences, India. The book was released at a function held at the headquarters of the Academy at Allahabad. The book is the third and last volume of the series on nematode infestations in crops. The other two volumes were published by the academy under the titles, “Nematode Infestations Part-III Food Crops” and “Nematode Infestations Part-II Industrial Crops” in 2010.

The recently published volume includes 24 peer reviewed exhaustive chapters on nematodes attacking horticultural crops viz., vegetable crops (solanaceous, cruciferous, cucurbitaceous, leguminous, leafy vegetables and beets, beans, tubers, mushrooms etc.), fruit crops (banana, citrus, pine apple etc), ornamental crops (flowering plants, turfs, gardening trees etc.), saffron and separate chapters on different types of management methods effective against nematodes infesting horticultural crops.

Nematodes are most common among all multicellular organisms that are found in all types of soils as free-living saprophagous, predaceous or plant parasitic. Although the first plant parasitic nematode was discovered in 1743, the research on plant- nematodes gained momentum during the last quarter of the 19th century as the agricultural significance of several nematodes was realized in horticultural crops.  In India, the first species of plant nematode was discovered by Barker in the year 1901.

However, organized research on plant nematodes in India could start only in the 1950s, first at the Aligarh Muslim University, followed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and later at other institutions in the country.

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