Prof. Rais Akhtar delivered lecture on climate change

Aligarh:  Prof. Rais Akhtar, former Visiting Professor, Department of Geology, Aligarh Muslim University delivered a lecture on “Climate Change and Human Health: Global and Indian Scenario”, at the Conference of The National Environmental Science Academy held at the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.

Prof. Akhtar said that climate change represents a range of environmental hazards and will affect populations in both the developed and developing countries, and particularly the regions where the current burden of climate sensitive diseases is high.

He said that higher temperature, heavier rainfall and changes in climate variability would encourage insect carriers of some infectious diseases to multiply and move further in regions free of the disease. In some areas higher rainfall will wash out breading pools, thereby decreasing mosquito populations. Thus climate change will perturb world’s various aspects of physical and biological systems which in turn, influence human health.

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