Senior AMU faculty honoured

Aligarh:  Professor Saiyed Mohammad Ameen Mian Qadri of the Department of Urdu at the Aligarh Muslim University has been ranked among the five hundred most influential Muslims of the world by the Islamic Studies Centre, USA.

Professor Qadri is a leader of Indian Barelvis and Sajjada Nashin of Khanquah-e-Barkatiya, Marhera, the spiritual seat of a Sufi saint and a centre of mystic tradition stemmed from the Quadriya tradition of eminent sufi master Abd-al-Quadir Jilani.

Prof. Qadri is also a leader of South Asian Sufi movement. He is the founders of Al-Barkat Educational Society imparting Islamic, modern and oriental education. He has written several books on Urdu literature and translated various books on mysticism.

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