Toxic dust from laser printers makes you sick

Shimla: For years some experts pointed to the toxic dangers of laser printers. Until now, public was not ​​aware of this issue, so that the industry does not respond. Now a consumer magazine reviled in a study that printers can make you sick. Many laser printers release billions of toxic substances into the air during printing. Although these particles are extremely tiny but are very dangerous for health.

So far, consumer advocates and scientists have not accepted the dangers of laser printers. A study confirmed that the printer’s extremely small particles, called nanoparticles emitted into the environment actually contained in the toxic dust.

According to the magazine, Konica Minolta Magicolor 4650 EN release about 3.3 billion particles per printed A4 page, Epson EPL N3000 release 2.4 billion nanoparticles.  These are just examples, according to the results, the particles also contaminated with heavy metals.

A study by researchers at the University of Freiburg showed that these substances are harmful to human lung cells. “This can lead to cancer,” said the researchers in Freiburg.

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