India developed Atomic Energy Plants on its own: Prof. S. Kailas

Aligarh:  Prof. S. Kailas, Director, Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai said that the National Development and the national security were, in fact, the two sides of one coin. He said that India has developed its Atomic Energy Plants on its own and achieved a rank among top ten atomic countries in the world. He was delivering the keynote address at a National Science Day programme in the Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University held to honour Nobel Laureate, Sir C. V. Raman for the discovery of Raman Effect.

Prof. Kailas said that shortage of energy resources is a major challenge and India would need to generate 3400 Twh and the nuclear energy is the only option to fulfill the national need. He highlighted the role of Homi Bhabha and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru for the development of atomic energy in the country. He said that 20 reactors are currently operating in India at different places. He said that 30% of food products and fruits were spoiled due to power shortage.

Prof. Kailas urged AMU’s Physics Department to establish Accelerator Lab for the teaching and research purposes. In his presidential address, AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah said that India had no choice but to concentrate on Nuclear Energy. He said that Indian Nuclear plants were safe and there had been no nuclear accident in our country.

Gen. Shah said that AMU had conferred the D. Sc. degree, honoris causa, on Sir C. V. Raman in the year 1933. He said that the Physics department of this University is a promising department and it would bring laurels to the University in research not only paper but on ground as well. He said that the department had a capability of carrying out quality research in Physics.

Prof. Wasi Haider, Chairman, Department of Physics in his welcome address said that research is the highest and noblest form of academic activity almost worship.

He said that the faculty members of the department have published more than 170 research papers in high impact factor international journals. He said that during last three years the department had brought sophisticated instruments worth of about Rs. five crores.

Prof. Wasi Haider mentioned that during the last two years the Physics Department was able to sign two MoUs and a trilateral agreement between AMU, Ohio State University, USA and Bristol University, UK.

Prof. Arunima Lal, Dean, Faculty of Science said that science is the subject, which is about revolutions and discoveries. Science is the most favourite discipline for those who like to explore and achieve new milestones.

She said that the Science Day celebrations will continue to attract creative brains, year after year, which will form the backbone of development of our country.

On this occasion, two awards for excellence in academics were presented to B. Sc. (Final) students Aiman Fatima and Wadood Sheikh with a donation of over Rs. 6 Lakh by Prof. Sultana N. Nahar of USA. A Centenary Merit Award was presented to M. Sc. (Final) students Lubna Bhutt and Faiza Akbar donated by an AMU alumnus based in USA.

AMU Vice Chancellor also released the Physics Bulletin 2013. Prof. B. P. Singh, Convener of the celebrations proposed a vote of thanks.

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