Financial help for families of accident-killed children

Aligarh:  The Ladies’ Club, Aligarh Muslim University extended financial assistance to the families of victims of the incident that left seven children dead including five sisters and about a dozen people injured who are receiving treatment at J. N. Medical College, AMU. The incident took place when a brick carrying truck overturned and fell over roadside huts at Nagla Patwari village near AMU campus, late on Tuesday last.

The President of the Ladies’ Club, Begum Jameela Majid Siddiqui met the parents of the children who were killed in the accident and expressed solidarity with their family members. She also donated a considerable amount as a financial assistance for rehabilitation of the families.

Begum Siddiqui, while talking to people on the accident site, said it was a highly disturbing and painful experience for the concerned families and nothing could make up the loss. She urged all to come forward and help the people in distress. She stressed the need to work for the uplift of society.

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