AMU signs MoU with Ohio University


Aligarh: US Secretary of State John F. Kerry signed eight Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Union Minister of HRD, Mr. M. M. Pallam Raju to strengthen collaboration and building partnership between American and Indian institutions of higher education, including Aligarh Muslim University. Each of these projects will receive an award of approximately $2,50,000.

To meet the urgent and growing need for mushrooming world class Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) faculty at higher education institutions in India, the Ohio State University (OSU) in partnership with the Aligarh Muslim University proposed to launch a pilot project.

This programme will be implemented by both the institutions to build a STEM-Education and Research (ER) Centre at AMU that would be aimed at providing opportunity for education and research in areas of mutual expertise and benefit. Prof. Anil Pradhan, Department of Astronomy at Ohio State, and a Co-director at Aligarh Muslim University, will lead the project with the goal of strengthening the teaching and research at both institutions and meeting the growing need of developing world class STEM faculty in India.

The STEM-ER project aims at initiating interdisciplinary collaborative projects of mutual benefit in advanced research and innovation in key areas like Spectroscopy, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Information Technology, Environmental Sciences, Cancer Research and Mathematical Research. It would also involve private industry and Ohio State University and AMU alumni in support of the STEM-ER programme.

The project will establish a joint OSU-AMU Center of Excellence in STEM Education and Research at AMU; develop a two-year STEM-Education and Research program for Indian graduate students to train in teaching STEM subjects to undergraduate students as well as to conduct state-of-the-art research; award dual degrees to selected students in STEM education at Ohio State and graduate research at AMU;  contribute  substantial indirect and direct resources as cost sharing; initiate interdisciplinary collaborate projects in advanced research and innovation; and formalize a comprehensive Indo-U.S. inter-university consortium of leading Indian and U.S. universities. Finally, a report of findings will be prepared on national capacity building in STEM faculty training and research in India for submission to governmental and non-governmental agencies to facilitate large scale Indo-U.S. collaboration.

A two-year dual-degree programme will also be implemented jointly at the two universities and the students will spend one year each at the two universities guided and mentored by two advisors, one at OSU and another at AMU.


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