High amounts of vitamins could decrease your life span up to one fourth


Taking vitamin supplements in high amounts could be bad for your health, say scientists. A research found that voles who were given a lot of natural vitamins C and E had decreased lifespan up to one fourth. Researchers said the results increase the concerns about the advantages of taking the vitamin supplements.
The body system does not make vitamin C but gets it from fruits and veggies. It only needs 40 mg a day to keep tissues healthier.

Vitamin E  is found in meals such as almonds, plant seeds, and cereal products.  A man needs just 4 mg a day and a woman should have 3 mg per day. But pills available in health stores contains hundred times more quantity of vitamins. Researchers say that voles were used for the analysis as providing such large amounts of vitamins to people would be risky. High amounts of nutritional anti-oxidants, such as natural vitamins, are generally recommended to slowly the procedure of  aging by reducing the destruction to necessary protein, fats, and DNA.

Previous analysis had proven the life of rats could be prolonged by providing them supplements, but in voles, they had much smaller life on giving additional Supplement E or C.  Figures released by “FSA” Organization revealed that there were only 11 responses to dietary supplements over an 11 year period, the majority of them is small type of damage.


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