Pratibha Singh Called on union water resources minister Harish Rawat

New Delhi: Mandi Member Parliament Mrs Pratibha Singh  called on union water resources minister Harish Rawat in Shram Shakti Bhawan New Delhi. Mandi Member Parliament Mrs Pratibha Singh requested union minister Harish Rawat to release one time grant of Rs 62.42 crore to the state govt towards payment due from Punjab Govt for Shah Nehar Major irrigation project.
She told that planning commission had agreed to provide one time grant of Rs 62.42 crore toward payment due from Punjab during state annual plan for the year 2012-13 and told that complete case for release of this amount has been processed by central water commission and forwarded  to the ministry of water resources. She requested the union minister to take positive view of the case and immediately release the payment of Rs 62.42 crore to the state govt which is pending from long time.
Mandi Member Parliament Mrs Pratibha Singh also requested for release of arrears of AIBP amounting to Rs 157.08 crore and told that there was discrepancy of reimbursement given by ministry of water resources between 2005-06 to 2012-13 under AIBP and FMP to the tune of Rs 157.08 crore and requested the minister to release this amount immediately.
Mrs Pratibha Singh requested the central govt to sanction 44 projects under minor irrigation scheme in the state and told that state govt has submitted a shelf of 44 surface water based minor irrigation schemes for inclusion under AIBP for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15. She told that these projects total estimated costs is around 8300.11 lacs  with will cover 8562.43 hectares land under irrigation schemes in the state, She requested the release of central assistance of Rs 4050 lacs for the year 2013-14.
Union Minister for water resources Harish Rawat assured her that union govt will take positive  decisions of all the  pending issues with the state govt and assured all possible help in extending the irrigation facilities in the state .

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