Syria conflict: Is Obama fighting for his political future?


U.S. President Barack Obama with his supporters wants military strike against Syria, he also explain the details of the attack plans. The aim is mainly the chemical weapons of Syria. “It is a serious threat to our national security,” said Obama while addressing nation on radio. He said such weapons could fall into the hands of terrorist groups that want to harm the United States.

According to a survey of the “Washington Post” 224 of the 433 members of the House rejected the proposal, 184 are undecided, while so far only 25 in favor of a military strike clearly. According to polls the large number of American population is against military strike . Obama has made it difficult to convince Congress and population for military strike in Syria. This week, Congress could decide about a possible attack.

In the case of Syria McCain pushes for a powerful intervention against the Assad regime for many months. White House is launching a public awareness campaign to get public support. Obama is waiting for U.S. Congress to approve a military strike against the Assad regime. The President is fighting for every vote however the success is doubtful.


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