Doctor Google dangerous for Health


Chandigarh: Less than five hours or more than 10 hours sleep is dangerous for everyone, it may cause health complications. Due to Sleep conditions 30 per cent increase have been notices in number of diabetic patients. Dr Shashank R Joshi, president, Association of Physicians of India stated this while addressing 69th annual conference in Ludhiana.

Health-websearchDr Shashank told that in a survey they found sleep disorders more common in working people. He said Apart from enough sleep, sleeping at the appropriate time is also essential. People who go to bed quite late, have a tendency to gain weight. He explained the development may be risky and could cause critical additional complications.

He told Doctor Google is dangerous these days because few or less understanding after searching the web is dangerous many times. He suggested not to search web for resolving health problems but alternatively visit doctor. He also said that we should stay away from fried and Junk foods and reduce the common salt intake while increase water intake for good health.


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