Stop Categorising Violence: Western Intolerance breeds intolerance among Muslims

One American journalist beheaded, and the whole international media is full of condemnation. No complaints. American government is anguished. Rightly so. But for more than a month, Israel has been killing Innocent civilians on daily basis, the number already crossing 2000, and the US government is only expressing “concern” at the “collateral damage” caused by the “justified” Israeli right to defend itself against the “rocket attacks”, which have not killed even half a dozen. Why this horrendous categorisation of violence, condemning only certain forms of violence, and ignoring the rest, even if the “rest” means much greater deaths and devastation? The media is again busy studying the possible reason behind a British citizen beheading an American. The old, outdated line of argument is again being used to find the cause in the “extremist Islamic dogmas” and the “propaganda” by “Jihadists”.
isis-iraqThey cannot understand the simple fact that like any other country or community in the world, Muslims tend to feel anguished by the incessant reign of terror perpetrated by the Western countries and their allies against Muslim countries; and convinced that they have no other option of getting justice it is natural for handful of them to respond in an identical fashion. Why can’t West understand the simple logic that if they want an end to the violence, they will have to stop violence themselves? No amount of campaigning, no amount of persuasion will stop people from taking revenge in their hands if they witness their fellow community members being subjected to extreme violence by certain governments or at their behest by certain groups. There is no need of any special propaganda to make Muslims feel angered against West. They have watched with their own eyes millions having been decimated in Afghanistan and Iraq for the simple reason that America believed the attack on Twin Towers having been carried out by certain individuals who had some connection with certain individuals in the and of Afghanistan. How can the deaths of more than 2 million of civilians be justified for the death of 3000 in America? How can deaths of thousands of Palestinians be justified for a few hundred innocuous rocket attacks? Why is the life of certain people more valued than that of others? Till West understands this, and instead of studying the Muslim response, focuses on its own follies, they cannot play any role in making the world more peaceful.
Everybody knows where the ISIS came from. There is hardly a need to explain that ISIS had the backing of West and its Arab allies because West was growing weary of the rising influence of Iran in Iraq. The failure of West-sponsored civil war in Syria was giving West sleepless nights. The success of Iran-backed Basharul Assad and the pro-Iran Malki in the elections in Syria and Iraq were too much for the West to tolerate. IranIraqSyria, Hamas, Hezbollah, all in closely linked territories meant a blow to Israel, which has been an American proxy state in the region to dominate the Arab world. It was therefore necessary to weaken Hamas on the one hand and to destroy Maliki on the other. But as has happened with American support to Osama ben Laden in 1970s, this time too Baghdadi turned hostile. As soon as Iril, the city that is virtually under the control of Americans, came under threat, America did not waste a moment in telling ISIS its limits. But it again kept its operations limited to sending the right message to ISIS. If they keep themselves confined to the operations, which do not threaten the Western interests, they will not be challenged beyond a point; if they cross the boundary, they will have to face the brunt. The expansion of ISIS operations against Yezidi and Christian communities has put the US administration in a dock. But still they are not interested in decimating the ISIS threat altogether. Their strategic interests demand that ISIS must continue its operations. This will weaken the position of Iran, and will further widen the chasm between Sunnis and Shias.
Let the world understand that it is the extremist violence perpetrated by West, which is responsible for the devastation in the Muslim World and the dangers in the Western World. The extremist violence by Muslims is only the effect, and is much less threatening than the former. This does not in anyway mean support to Muslim extremism. Extremism of all kinds has to be condemned and uprooted; but selective condemnation and selective counter-operations will only deepen the problem. The Islamic scholars are duty bound to teach this lesson to both the Western governments and the Muslim terrorists. If they side with anyone, it will not help the cause. Let’s stop categorising violence. Every act of violence needs to be condemned and confronted, whoever is the victim, whoever is the culprit, whichever the place and whatever the causative ideology.

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