“M/S Alisha Publications. released , ” Kitab-e-Haj ” A Book on Haj “


Aligarh : Releasing the book entitled ” Kitab-e-Haj  authored by Al Haj Qari Abdul Waheed, Aligarh Muslim University Court Member , Prof. Humayun Murad said that Haj is  a religious duty of every Muslim who is economically sound . He pointed out that Haj did not only provide an opportunity to Muslims to fulfill a religious duty but also becomes instrumental in making him aware about Islamic history .He said that every Muslim desires to go on Haj but all Muslims should be aware about small points relating to performing Haj and the book ” Kitab-e_Haj ” make them aware about all necessities rewarding Haj .

Director Media Center Aligarh , Dr. Jasim Mohammad said that though Haj is religiously compulsory for every Muslim but it has its own social aspect also . He said that Muslims find an opportunity during Haj to meet other Muslims from various countries and to know their cultures .He said that every Muslim who goes on Haj is a lucky one but before embarking on Haj they should repay back their loans and debts apart of meeting their relatives and friends . He said that Kitab-e-Haj draws attentions of Muslims towards such small points which are very important .

Prof. Abu Bakar khan said that Kitab-e-Haj did not only throws light on the methods of Haj and its performance but also make aware Hajis about holiest places like Kaaba Shareef and history like detailing about Hazrat Ibrahim .

Social Activist Shamshad Nisar Azmi said that Kitab-e- Haj has identified very small things related to Haj like method of drinking Zamzam .

Director M/S Alisha Publication Private Ltd , Nikhat Parvin told that the Muslims who are going on Haj may take a copy of the book , ” Kitab-e-Haj  from the Media Center , Muzammil Manzil Complex , Dodhpur , Aligarh free of cost as gift from us.


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