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Two-day Sir Syed Memorial Debate inaugurated

Aligarh:  The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah today inaugurated the All India Sir Syed Memorial Debate on “Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations: An Infringement on the Democratic Rights of the Students”. The two-day All India level Debate has been organized by the AMU Students’ Union.

Addressing the inaugural function, Gen. Shah said that this students’ body was created as a debating society to encourage young boys and girls to speak the truth. He said that we are firm believers of democracy. He took pride in the fact that in AMU, elections of the Students’ Union were not held on political lines contrary to other institutions where elections were patronized by political outfits.

Sir-Syed-Memorial-DebateGen. Shah upheld that the recommendations of Lyngdoh Committee helped prevent any act of indiscipline or involvement of criminals in the name of students’ politics. He hoped that the debate on this topic will be very useful and highlight students’ sentiments.

The Dean, Students’ Welfare, Prof. Anis Ismail, who graced the inaugural function as a guest of honour, said that the topic of the debate was interesting as the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations are in practice for the last nine years as per the order of the Supreme Court.

Prof. Ismail said that AMU has successfully conducted elections of Students’ Union as per the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations since 2010 with an aim to curb the huge expenditure on elections and to discourage involvement of national and regional political parties who in their own interest used to spoil the academic atmosphere of the University.

While welcoming the visiting teams, Mr. Abdullah Azzam, President of the AMUSU, said that the founder of this University, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, established Siddon’s Debating Club to promote debating skills amongst students on topics of high intellectual standard.

Mr. Azaam said that more than a dozen teams including Banaras Hindu University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Satyawati College, Delhi University, Law College, Dehradun, Amity Law School, G. B. Pant University, Lovely Professional University, Dev Sanskrit Vishwvidyalaya, UPCS, Dehradun, AMU Malappuram Centre, AMU Murshidabad Centre and Unison School of Law, Dehradun are participating in the two-day All India Sir Syed Memorial Debate-2015.

The debate has been organized by Mr. Abdullah Imran, Senior Cabinet Member, AMU Students’ Union.

Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing and GIS Applications inaugurated at AMU

Aligarh:  The Department of Geology, Aligarh Muslim University organized a National Seminar on “Recent Development and Challenges in Earth Sciences today.

On this occasion, the Department felicitated Mr. Harbans Singh, Director General, Geological Survey of India. Vice Chancellor, Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah presented a memento to Mr. Harbans Singh, who is also a distinguished alumnus of this department. He completed his M.Sc. (Geology) in 1978.

AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah, Prof. Talat Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia, Brigadier S. Ahmad Ali, Pro Vice Chancellor, AMU also inaugurated “Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing and GIS Applications”

Addressing on the occasion, Mr. Harbans Singh said that the impact of climate change poses a global threat having potential to put the environment and society under severe conditions.

He said that fundamental research in Earth Sciences needs a thrust to bring it to the international standard. The forthcoming international Geological Congress in 2016 and 2020 may be used to showcase our capabilities in each sciences.

Welcoming the delegates, Prof. Mahshar Raza, Dean, Faculty of Science, Chairman, Department of Geology said that during the last 70 years, the Department of Geology has made tremendous progress in all spheres including teaching, research and field training.

Prof. Raza said that the Department has produced 4 D.Sc., 150 Ph.D. and 150 M. Phil degrees and published 700 research papers in all reputed national and international journals.

On this occasion, Professor Talat Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia, AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah (Retd.), PVC Brigadier S. Ahmad Ali (Retd.) also addressed the delegates.

Prof. L.A.K. Rao proposed a vote of thanks and Prof. Shahid Farooq conducted the inaugural session.

Sir Syed Day Celebration at AMU Kishanganj Centre

AMU Kishanganj Centre celebrates Sir Syed Day

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University Kishanganj Centre organized a literary and cultural evening to mark the 197th birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of AMU.

On the occasion, Chief Guest, Maulana Asrarul Haque Quasmi, Member of Parliament, Kishanganj, highlighted the everlasting and perennial vision of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. In his address, Maulana Qasmi mentioned Sir Syed’s contribution towards social uplift, peace and communal harmony. Quoting Sir Syed that “India is a beautiful bride and Muslims and Hindus are its two eyes”, Maulana stressed the need for inter cultural and religious affinity and mutual tolerance. He said that the establishment of AMU Kishanganj Centre could be made possible only because of a concerted effort of the then Central Government, State Government of Bihar, District Administration, AMU administration and people of the region.

Sir Syed Day Celebration at AMU Kishanganj CentreThe District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police, Kishanganj graced the occasion as guests of honour. They also expressed their views on contributions of Sir Syed. In addition to this, public representatives, AMU alumni, prominent citizens of Kishanganj and students of the centre highlighted various aspects of Sir Syed’s thought and his educational movement.

Dr Raashid Nehal, Director, AMU Kishanganj Centre thanked the district administration for extending full cooperation in construction of boundary wall at Centre’s site. Dr Nehal emphasized that reforms took place from within. He said that Sir Syed’s ideas are cherished but we needed to apply them with increased vigour as their relevance was felt now more than ever. He said that he looked at AMU Kishanganj Centre as a pioneering initiative towards community uplift and nation building.

Dr Haidar Abbas, Faculty In-Charge, Media and Public Relations, on behalf of the entire fraternity of the Centre, expressed his sincere regards to the Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor and the Coordinator of AMU Centres for their persistent support and cooperation.

Mr Asjad Ansari conducted the programme. He informed that funds meant for Sir Syed Day dinner have been diverted towards the Jammu and Kashmir flood relief.


Literary evening organized

Aligarh: Noted novelist, storywriter, Sahitya Academy Award winner and Chief Income Tax Commissioner, Kolkata, Mr. S. M. Ashraf (IRS) read out his story to the participants of Subject Refresher Course in Oriental Studies, Environmental Studies and Special Summer School in Computer Applications. The programme was organized by the UGC Academic Staff College, Aligarh Muslim University. A large number of distinguished personalities, teachers and students were present on the occasion.

Mr-SM-AshrafIn his presidential notes, AMU Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah (retd.) appreciated the theme of the story and treatment with characters. Brig. Syed Ahmad Ali, Pro-Vice Chancellor said that Mr. Ashraf’s story was very close to the heart of a common man. The Vice Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor narrated similar anecdotes from their personal life. Professor Abdur Raheem Kidwai, Director, ASC, took personal interest in organizing the literary evening in view of the personal and literary enrichment of the course participants.

Professor Saghir Afraheim, Department of Urdu, presented an introduction of Mr. S M Ashraf. He said that Mr. Ashraf has made valuable contribution to literature. He said that his stories were outstanding on merit and negated various misconceptions while showcasing human emotions.

Former AMU Registrar, Mr. S M Afzal, IPS, Mrs. Sabiha Simi Shah, Mrs. Rizwana Ahmed Ali, Prof. Abrar Hasan, Prof. Zakia Siddiqui, Prof. Tariq Chhatari, Dr. Namita Singh, Dr. Seema Saghir, Dr. Seemin Hasan and Prof. Shadab Khurshid were also present.

Dr. S. Reshma Jamal welcomed the guests and Dr. Faiza Abbasi conducted the programme.


SAYS freshers’ reception-2014 held in Dhaka

It was a cloudy morning of August. Raindrops downed cats and dogs almost in every second. Downpour went even multiplied with the passage of times, later on. Still then the sun remained hazy..! But, someone drenched entirely felt the sun beam, saw the shine. Stagnant waters overwhelmed the city streets. Stranded vehicles remained craggy-whistling in muddy lanes. Moreover, pitter-patter noise penetrated in every nook and corner..! But, someone heard symphony instead; someone proactive rather gathered at capital’s Edward M Kennedy Centre—EMK Centre.

Enthusiast greeners sat messed up and sometimes glanced at ticking clock before the orientation began. Sometimes confidence peeped up in their faces; reasoned may be as they came across mounting  hurdles; may be they were recruited as one of 80s out of 1200+ applicants  home and beyond; may be they proved excellences to be  ‘General Member’. You might guess already what I am talking about, yes; it’s about South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) orientation ceremony-2014.

SAYS-freshersSouth Asian Youth Society recruits freshers once a year in summertime. The new members represent diverse backgrounds who share fresh thoughts and ideas to bring about sustainable change to the society. And a grandiose celebrations welcome them beneath further inspirations and motivations towards their contribution for positive changes.

It was 10:30 O’clock in the morning as schedule little delayed. Almost everybody reached there. In the meantime, orientation started with festive presentation as SAYS PR Head Punna Islam greeted attendees. The program was matured through multiple sessions—unique Ice-breaking session introducing each other. Interestingly participants preset adjective as per the first letter of their nickname such as— Active Arafat, Rocking Rakib etc. This easy and effective method helped them memorize each other’s name within shortest possible time. These session also included portrait sketching—everyone standing either drew or drawn by sketches which looked funny sights and existed objects of eye-catches through the event. In addition to, brainstorming team culture and hanging out during launch sessions in the first segment made the members interact, communicate and share group dynamics. This time earlier it also introduced the prestigious ‘SAYS Fellowship’ challenge for the members amidst successful completion of certain fixed hours for the society. This is the first time in Bangladesh where a platform is proudly introducing fellowship for its members.

Later in the bit of workshop session, SAYS Senior Members and US State Alumna— Md Ali Haider, Masud Hasan and Ashraful Islam Rehan appeared in the scene. They came up with interpretative presentations on Cultural Exchange Programs and higher studies prospects abroad. This session disseminated information resources on why students should think about higher studies and exchange programs like—SUSI, NESA programs etc.

In the afternoon session, SAYS Founder and President Towfique A Khan provided motivational lecture—full of guidelines on 21stcentury skills development. He focused on changing patterns of skills and qualifications, crucially required for young generations in this 21st century to overcome all kinds of obstacles. Followed by him, North South University Sports Club President and SAYS Senior Member Rayhan Mahmud shared his experiences on what he gained as National Volunteer Coordinator during  ‘2014 ICC World Twenty20’, held in Bangladesh.

Finally in the evening segment, Eastern University Pro Vice Chancellor and SAYS Adviser Prof. Dr. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury congratulated new members and hoped the regional platform will certainly help qualify them for upcoming age.

Towfique A Khan said, ‘SAYS continues its efforts towards educating, equipping and building the capacity of young generations with 21st century skills and cross cultural mindset. The young guns of South Asia have all the potentials to lead the world upward but our current context hardly gives them any space to explore their hidden talents and opportune for desired contribution for community building. It is the prime regional platform in South Asia which constantly connects, empowers and inspires the potential Young Change Makers of South Asia so that they can lead the 21st Century forward. Together we believe, we the youth can and will certainly build peace and prosperity in this region.’

‘Being the PR Head, I was amazed to see their intellects throughout the activities. We are proud and glad to have selected such an amazing pool of talents as our new members. The list will be enhanced with the addition of more members from the regional selection from the other SAARC countries (Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). Together this bunch of amazing heads will surely contribute to a great deal to bring peace and prosperity across South Asia’, said Punna Islam while briefing with media.

Mustafa Amir Foysol, studying his undergraduate on International Relations at University of Dhaka, said, ‘the orientation program will be always remained as hub of great pleasure for myself marking proud membership at South Asian Youth Society. Being its member, opportunities disclose as it enables me to access a collaborative and exploring networks where I have discovered already spaces to design my desired career prospects and do something for my community as returns. The vibrant orientation proved wrong instead what I was preoccupied perceiving the program might be boredom in the gloomy state of weather. I didn’t even imagine that this orientation program will be so funny of interactions, educative, informative and worthy of motivations. I am very fortunate in a sense that the effective platform envisions me acquainting with a network of great enthusiastic and young reformist leaders who strongly believe the society and the region must be changed positively.

Senior Member Md. Nahidul Islam, studying undergraduate on Finance at Jagannath University, said mental health session in the orientation program provided some essential contents, thematic lecture and interactive clip screenings posterior of UN celebration of ‘International Youth Day-2014’. This year’s theme is ‘Youth and Mental Health’ under the slogan ‘Mental Health Matters’. This session will certainly raise awareness against the challenges and hardships the youth face today, prevent stigma, discrimination and social exclusion of the youth who are mentally disordered, implement policies to help them overcome the challenges they face, and to help young people into the decision-making process.

‘However, the unique features of orientation program will remain inscribed in memory across my entire life. Moreover, we, new members loved the way seniors inspired us and injected visions of prosperity towards upcoming days. Finally I would like to give my heartiest thanks to entire SAYS family for arranging such a nice orientation program for the freshers making the whole day memorable forever (August 14, 2014)’, said Manzurul Ahsan Arafat, studying at Notre Dame College.

11 killed in a tourist bus accident near Shri Renuka Ji in Himachal

Shri Renuka Ji: over 11 persons have been killed and more than 40 injured in a tourist bus accident at Madhara Ghat near Shri Renuka Ji about 150 km from here. A local police person confirmed that 11 deaths of tourists have been died and more then 40 injured. Many of the tourists are critically injured in this accident. Injured have been rushed to Dadahu hospitals in ambulance and private vehicles. Some more persons were laying under the bus till late night, a crane  was on its way to start operation on the spot.

The tourist bus had come from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh  and was on its way back to Saharanpur late evening. Abrout 55 persons were travelling in this bus as per the survivals of the bus.  According to eye witnesses driver of the bus failed to control the sharp curve when bus reached at Madhara Ghat and bus rolled into the deep gorge.



National Symposium on Linguistic biodiversity

Aligarh:  The Department of Linguistics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh organized a National Symposium on ‘Linguistic Biodiversity: Issues and Problems’. Professor Awadhesh K Mishra, Director, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore inaugurated the seminar and AMU Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brigadier (Retd) S Ahmad Ali, presided over the inaugural session.

Addressing the inaugural function, Professor Awadhesh Mishra said that no culture or ‘sanskaar’ can survive without the support of its language. He said that it was not the duty of government only to protect a language but it is the duty of citizens to come forward for protection of Indian languages. Prof. Mishra said that education should be imparted in mother tongue of children with two more languages, one belonging to the state and another, English as part of the school curriculum.

DR SHABANA HAMEED ADDRESSING THE NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AT DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICSBrigadier (Retd) S Ahmad Ali said that India is a multi lingual country and it is a matter of concern that some languages are nearing extinction. Brig. Ali said that language and local dialects play a very important role in strengthening the cultural heritage of any country.

Professor S Imtiyaz Hasnain said that a language is not merely a cluster of words or a set of grammatical rules, but a flesh of the human spirit by which the soul of a culture reaches into the material world. He said that the issue surrounding the linguistic biodiversity, language loss and language extinction which have hitherto always remained a concern for few linguistics, have now attracted attention of several individuals and community of speakers of endangered languages.

Professor AR Fatihi said that a new vision and scale of values is necessary for safeguarding the world. He said that over the past decade, the field of linguistic biodiversity has arisen an era of transdisciplinary research, concerned with investigating the links between the world’s linguistics, cultural and biological diversity as manifestation of the diversity of life.

Dr Shabana Hameed conducted the program and Mr Masood Ali Beg proposed the vote of thanks.


“Launch Movement for Fundamental Prohibitions”: Dr Javed Jamil

Aligarh: Renowned scholar and thinker, Dr Javed Jamil has called for exposing the designs of the market sponsored feminism aimed at campaigning for a distorted version of women’s empowerment. He was speaking at Kennedy Hall, Aligarh Muslim University in a programme on the occasion of World Women’s Day organized by Students of AMU.

Speaking to a packed hall, he said that “thanks to the global forces of economics, human beings are being transformed into commercial beings”. He said that the economic fundamentalists have taken innumerable steps to strengthen their hold on the world. “Not only the Goddess of Justice has been sacrificed before the eyes of the Statue of Liberty, the market forces have found in sex a hen that always lays golden eggs”, he said in the midst of a massive round of applause. Dr. Jamil said that if violence against women is on the rise, laxity of law and inability of the system to act as health and peace protective are primarily responsible for it. “Instead of being protective, the system has become provocative”, he argued.

He says that when media is busy in bringing provocative images day and night, sexual violence is bound to rise. He lambasted the forces of economics in a way that “the women working in their iwn houses are being labeled as housewives while prostitutes are being glorified as sex workers.” He argued that the truth is that “every woman is a working woman, and housewives are wonderful managers.” He argued that while women should be encouraged to go in dignified fields, there is no reason why there should be encouragement for services like airhostesses and models.

Dr. Jamil said that the beauty of Islamic system is that “while all the other systems of today’s world are two-dimensional, with only rights and duties, Islamic system is three-dimensional with equal emphasis on Fundamental rights, Fundamental Duties and Fundamental Prohibitions. “Not only Islam, almost every other religion also imposes restrictions to ensure morality and peace in society”, he said.  He lambasted the media for attacking the people advocating morality as moral police and said that “the media has in fact become an army of immorality, funded by the forces of economics”.

He said that if true peace is to prevail, a nationwide campaign with the help of the people belonging to all religions must be launched to get “Fundamental Prohibitions” introduced in the Constitution. He said that these prohibitions can be decided on the basis of the impact of various practices on health and those that seriously threaten health must be declared forbidden. No one should be allowed to commercialize these prohibitions. He hoped that 99 pc of the people of the country –Hindus, Indian Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists, will unite to safeguard the life of the people.


AMU Girls celebrate annual day

Aligarh:  The Senior Secondary School (Girls), Aligarh Muslim University celebrated its annual day. The Chief Guest, Professor Zakia Athar Siddiqui, President, Female Education Society and OSD, Aligarh Public School gave away prizes to winners and achievers of various events.

Presenting the annual report, Principal Mrs Naghma Irfan said that overall result of class XII for the session 2012-2013 was 99%. She said that the School has been honored with the ‘Best School’ award by Resonance, Kota and the organization has felicitated her with the Best Principal Award.


M J Haider Academic Memorial award was given to Naureen Hira of class XII PCB and the prestigious Papa Mian Padam Bhushan Award for the Best Girl was given to Aleena Khan of class XII Social Science. Bushra Wasim of class XI PCB got Dharampur Merit scholarship of Rs. 50000/-.

Niharika Singh of class XII PCB topped in the school with 90% marks while Devika Dutta of class XII Social Science got II position with 89.25% marks and Somya Mishra of class XII PCB secured III position with 89% marks.

Mrs Zoya Samar conducted the programme and Mrs Nigar Qasim proposed the vote of thanks.


23rd Annual Function of Alhikmah Foundation Held at New Delhi

New Delhi: The greed and instinct to amass treasures for one’s own sake have gripped the Man ever-since he made attempts for the survival on the earth. Materialism is the most glaring detriment in the welfare of the humans. “Excessive materialism ultimately leads to create value system that is insensitive to the plights and sufferings of the other fellow human beings”. These thoughts were expressed by Union Minister of Law and Justice, Communications and IT, Kapil Sibal. He was speaking as chief guest at the national seminar on ‘Materialism: Boon or Bane’ organised by New Delhi based Alhikmah Foundation on the occasion of the 23rd Annual Function. “Enhancing assets is not denounced, rather at the expense of others is definitely a sin in my belief and judgement”. He also released books on Peace and Development, book on Hakim Mohammad Tayyib of AMU.

Guest of Honour Mr. Ashok Sajjanhar (IFS) and Secretary, National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India said that the real clash of civilisation is not between Islam and Christianity as popularised by Samuel Huntington. In philosophy, the theory of materialism holds that all things are composed of material, and all phenomena (including consciousness) are the result of material interactions, that things are built not found as in the historically important but scientifically unimportant physicalism.

Swami Nikhilanada Saraswati, Regional Head, Chinmaya Mission, Delhi and an internationally famed person in the field of interfaith partnership and dialogue said that in our Shastra it is written that every visible object in this world is matter. The boon or bane aspect of Materialism relates to utilisation of resources. Materialism is a source for outer comforts whereas spirituality gives us inner satisfaction. He released a book Quran Ka Shanti Sandesh (Hindi) prepared by Alhikmah Foundation.

Alhikmah-FoundationProf. Shakeel Samadani of Aligarh Muslim University and President of Sir Syed Awareness Forum said that everything has both – positive and negative – aspects. He stressed for striking a balance between earning wealth and our desires and wishes. Wars are imposed to manufacture crises. Earning money is permitted per se but we must take care to share with the less fortunate beings. He quoted from Islamic history to drive home his point. He appealed the audience to start campaign against the food adulteration which is very common in India. It is root-cause of our unhealthy society and underdevelopment. He exhorted the audience not to be too materialistic to abandon their parents. He further said that due to the decline of Urdu language in post independent India, the pronunciation of the people has become worst. Most of the Indian people are unable to pronounce certain words correctly. This is a national loss which can be rectified by making efforts for the promotion of Urdu language. He made a case to preserve Urdu language.

Mr. Sirajuddin Qureshi, President, India Islamic Cultural Centre, while appreciating the speech of Dr. Samdani said that the people should also be very careful while purchasing food items from the market. They should not purchase adulterated items and very careful regarding this.

  Dr. Abul Lais Nadwi gave the introductory remarks about the Foundation. Chairman of Alhikmah Foundation Dr. Ziauddin Nadwi welcomed the guests. He shed light on the rationale behind starting Alhikmah Foundation. Dr. Nadwi said that Alhikmah Foundation has stopped talking about rights. Rather it has shifted focus on duties.

Former Ambassador Ishrat Azeez (IFS) in his presidential remarks observed that the rights and duties are so complexly intertwined together that it is difficult to separate them out. Converting materialism as boon or bane depends on our attitude towards it.  He released the book Peace and Quranic Teachings (English) prepared by Alhikmah Foundation.

On this occassion Safdar H. Khan, Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission, Dr. Asghar Ejaz (AMU), and R.N Gupta also expressed their views.

The important personalities present were Asad Mirza, Dr. Khalid Siddiqi, CCRUM, Prof. Salim Kidwai, JNU, Prof. S.A.R. Bilgrami, JMI, Dr. Dalip Kumar, NCEAR, M. Mohibullah Qasmi, Madam Mamduha, Dr. Saad bin Zia, Mansoor Ilahi, Secretary Sir Syed Awareness Forum, etc

 Alhikmah Foundation also presented  mementos and  shawls to the dignitaries. Sewing machines were distributed among the needy women. Educational kits were also distributed to 9th and 11th students of Zakir Nagar, Noor Nagar, Abul Fazl Enclave and Shaheen Bagh. Dr. Shakeel Habibi conducted the programme and Syed Shuaib Ahmad, Joint Secretary of Alhikmah Foundation proposed the formal vote of thanks. Syed Shuaib Ahmad, Joint Secretary, Al-Hikmah Foundation, New Delhi.