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“Alternative Fuel and Combustion Engineering Lab” Inaugurated

Aligarh: The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah inaugurated the “Alternative Fuel and Combustion Engineering Lab” at the University polytechnic today. This Lab consists of six experimental set-ups developed by the Diploma Engineering students themselves as a part of their project work under the supervision of Mr. M. Yunus Khan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Section.

Lt. Gen. Zameer uddin Shah expressed happiness on development work carried out by the students and congratulated Mr. Yunus Khan for bringing the best out of the students.

University-Polytechnic-AMUThe Vice Chancellor visited all the experimental set-ups of the lab and appreciated efforts of the students and supervisor for this innovative development. Mr. Yunus Khan briefly explained all experimental facilities to the Vice Chancellor and demonstrated newly developed Biodiesel Extraction Plant. He also explained importance of various eco-friendly fuel.

The other eminent guests who graced the inaugural ceremony were Prof. S. Iqbal Ali, Principal University Polytechnic, Firoz Khan, University Engineer, Mr. Sabir Ali Khan, Mr. S. Abid Hasan and all the teacher of Mechanical Engineering Section.

Germany ready to destroy chemical weapons in Syria

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle welcomed the Russian proposal to handover the Syrian chemical weapons under international control and offers support in destroying chemical weapons in required. “We have experience and appropriate programs for the destruction of chemical weapons,” Westerwelle said on Tuesday.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday said that Syria could only prevent an intervention if it handover its chemical weapons within one week of the international community. Later Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced a plan to provide the Syrian chemical weapons under international control and destroy.

According to sources the regime of Bashar al-Assad has also accepted the proposal of Russian. The proposal was welcomed worldwide, Iran has also welcomed the Russian proposal for international control of chemical weapons in Syria and was confident that a war can be avoided. The Chinese government also supports Moscow’s proposal.

Syria conflict: Is Obama fighting for his political future?

U.S. President Barack Obama with his supporters wants military strike against Syria, he also explain the details of the attack plans. The aim is mainly the chemical weapons of Syria. “It is a serious threat to our national security,” said Obama while addressing nation on radio. He said such weapons could fall into the hands of terrorist groups that want to harm the United States.

According to a survey of the “Washington Post” 224 of the 433 members of the House rejected the proposal, 184 are undecided, while so far only 25 in favor of a military strike clearly. According to polls the large number of American population is against military strike . Obama has made it difficult to convince Congress and population for military strike in Syria. This week, Congress could decide about a possible attack.

In the case of Syria McCain pushes for a powerful intervention against the Assad regime for many months. White House is launching a public awareness campaign to get public support. Obama is waiting for U.S. Congress to approve a military strike against the Assad regime. The President is fighting for every vote however the success is doubtful.

Indian Army says no to 300 crore steel plant in Himachal

Kangra: Steel plant in Himachal Pradesh is awaiting for no objection certificate from India Army. Steel Authority of India Limited has spent nearly Rs 300 crore on building steel plant  in the state. Now SAIL is unable to make it functional because Army is not providing N.O.C. for manufacturing.

As per the information provided by reliable sources Indian army says their ordinance depot is at at a striking range from the steel plant. It is believed that the plant will produce high heat range, which can be threat to ordinance store.

Ram Vilas Paswan the then Steel minister laid the foundation stone in 2009 of plant. Northern states of India are awaiting for this plant to start. It will provide steel to many states, including Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir. Recently Himachal MP met Deference Minister to get involved in obtaining the no-objection certificate (N.O.C) for this steel plant.

On the other side Army officials are asking deputy commissioner Kangra to issue a notice prohibiting all types of construction in 900 meter outside of the ordinance depot. Army also says plan is very near to the international border with Pakistan which is believed to be another risk. The international border with Pakistan is only about 40 km from the location.

Organize 45th International Film Festival in Himachal: Pratibha Singh

Shimla: Mandi M P Mrs Pratibha Singh called on Manish Tewari union minister of state for information and broadcasting in Shastri Bhawan New Delhi and requested him to organize 45th International Film Festival of India in Himachal Pradesh.

She requested him to rotate the venue of the prestigious international level event so as the film lovers of this region could also communicate face to face with film professional and understand the emerging technologies and the challenge of new media.

She offered all help and assistance to organise such international level event in the state and told that Shimla, Dharamshala and Manali all have proper infrastructure and facilities to hosts such events.

She also requested for opening of satellite campus of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in the state for cinematic studies and offered free land and other modern infrastructural facilities for setting up satellite campus. She told that demand of professionals in the field of arts and crafts of film making, directions, cinematography, editing, sound recordists, designers etc has increased manifold in recent years with the increase of production of regional films/documentaries due to latest technology and told that prestigious institute will further  motivate dedicated professionals to understand the complex and competitive world of film making and enrich the quality of cinematic learning .

Kashmiri Pandits to launch campaign for temples bill

Jammu: Homeless Kashmiri Pandits wants to meet Congress chief Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Indian PM to push the party leader in Jammu and Kashmir for having the temples and shrines Bill passed in the Assembly. They want to launch an awareness campaign all over the country to bring the attention towards their religious places in Kashmir. Pandits are providing documentary proof of encroachment on religious places by the land mafia.

They claim if the temples and shrines Bill passes in the Assembly, it will lead the way for the establishment of a managing body on the pattern of the Muslim Auqaf Trust, which manage the affairs of the Muslim religious places in the state.

Presently this Bill is getting analyzed by the decision Committee of the Legislative Assembly right after Congress and NC MLAs asked amendments in the Bill this year, when it was presented by the state government. A representative of Kashmiri told mvonews that no political party is serious about this bill.

Drinking water helps weight loss

Suspected for some time, now researchers have come to the conclusion that regularly drinking water before meals can help losing weight. This is clear from the analysis of various German and international studies. According to a report published in the journal “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” half a liter of water before each meal resulted loss of one to two kilos body weight within three month.

Scientists analyzed about 5,000 entries in databases of studies and articles in professional journals and found 13 studies were on the effect of water onto the weight. Two studies contained results that confirmed the positive assumption. The participants in the study, who drank regular water before dinner, lose from one to two kilograms more than those who did not.  Drink a glass of water before meals is a well-known trick to eat less.

American band performs at AMU

Aligarh:  Celebrating freedom of the Indian nation, the General Education Centre of Aligarh Muslim University today presented “Tiranga-2013” at the Kennedy Hall Auditorium. On this occasion, a four-member American music band “The Corn Potato String Band of American Appalachian” folk music presented a unique slice of American culture.

The American band played banjo, guitar, piano, bass and mandolin and covered different antiquated styles including ballads “ho-down”, country rags and “southern gospel”.

Mr. Joshua Polacheck, Director of the American Centre, New Delhi appreciated the efforts of AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brig. (Retd.) Syed Ahmad Ali and Coordinator, General Education Centre, Dr. F. S. Shirani helping the musical evening take place.

Mr. Joshua said that the American String band is dedicated to continuing the traditional fiddle and banjo music and will travel other parts of India also.

AMU Western Music Club presented Allama Iqbal’s “Sare Jahan Se Achha” and Khusro’s “Sakal Ban Phool Rahi Sarson”.

The Vice Chancellor, Gen. Shah and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brig. Ali presented mementos to the members of AMU Music Club and visiting American Band and appreciated their performance that took place for the first time in the history of the University.

It may be noted that the Aligarh Muslim University has conferred D. Lit. degree honoris causa on Mrs. Eleanor D. Roosevelt, wife of USA President Roosevelt on March 14, 1952.


People conclave on catastrophe in Kinnaur-Recongpeo

Shimla: Heavy rain, snowfall, and cloud burst on 15-17 June has damaged Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh drastically claiming at least 25 lives and thousands of live stock perished. Devastation of apple orchards due to heavy snow in Pooh and other higher reaches, damage of standing crops and agricultural land, destruction to more than 700 houses, schools, more than 300 roads and other private and government buildings have ruined due to this disaster.

Several landslides and massive soil erosion has affected vast areas which has been aggravated due to soil dumped in river bank by hydro projects and roads development. Many houses and even villages have become unsafe to live. Regrettably the plight of more than one lakh people in Kinnaur were overshadowed by the more extensive damage and stranded pilgrims in Uttarakhand.
It is evident fact that gravity of heavy devastation and impact of this catastrophe has frustrated many folds due to unscientific construction and muck disposal by hydro projects, roads and building construction in the region. Heavy vehicular inflow and entry of external population on the name of tourism, damming of River Satluj and ongoing heavy construction of hydro-projects has essentially impacted local climate and aggravated nature of erratic weather.

The Satluj valley is extremely fragile and comes under seismological zone -5 region particularly beyond Tapri. Usually the region comes under Himalayan desert having spars vegetation and never face rain in summer. Himachal is witnessing rain fall even above Recongpeo since last some years due to above humane interferences on the name of development. This year it was not just heavy rain and cloud burst but faced snowfall which causes damage to life and local economy. It is an alarming sign of further catastrophe in this region by rain, flash flood, cloud burst, glacier depletion and earthquakes which will result in increased land slid, soil erosion and spoil habitats and farm land.
This catastrophe takes place in over all western Himalaya form Nepal boarder to Satluj valley. In an assessment by Himachal administration, it is a loss of more than Rs. 2500 crores due to June catastrophe. Government must have declared calamity in Kinaur and Uttarakhand region as national calamity because of contiguous affected region and logic of state boundary should have not been the criteria. National media has also not given due space to Satluj valley devastation.

Affected people in Kinaur are being now badly paid for loss of life, livelihoods, properties, houses, livestock, orchids and agriculture as it has been reported as compare to Uttarakhand where more than threefold compensation will be provided from central government relief fund, PM relief fund and state relief funds. Increased relief is being distributed in Uttarakhand beyond relief manual. People in Uttarakhand are also seeking relief and rehabilitation packages from national and international institution, NGOs and UN organisation where there is no such aid being even considered to Kinaur. People in Kinaur are being agitated and are going to express their resentment in this one day conclave on 17th July 2012 at NGO Hall -Recongpeo .

The People Conclave is being organised by Him Lok Jagriti Manch and Kinaur Sangharsh Samiti. Himalaya Niti Abhiyan and Mine Minral and People along with all peoples movement in this country are also taking part with the people of Kinaur at this time of catastrophe and support their demands.

Saudi government warns pilgrims to Mecca over coronavirus

Every year millions of Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Ministry of Health warns this year from the dangerous coronavirus, especially old people, pregnant women, children and people with chronic diseases to to to postpone the Hajj to another year.
According to the latest data from the World Health Organization ( WHO)in the Arab region 45 people have died from the novel coronavirus so far . A total of 81 cases of the disease have so far been registered worldwide, most of them in Saudi Arabia, where it was also the first death in June 2012.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, two cases had been in Germany, one of which was fatal.  This is related to the SARS virus, triggers flu-like symptoms and can lead to renal failure and severe pneumonia cause. By the WHO, the virus is considered “danger to the whole world.” So far, neither the original source of the infection is resolved, nor how it is transmitted. However, one can conclude from the previous cases of infection, that the novel coronavirus can also be passed from person to person.

The Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj, one next to the Ramadan fasting to the so-called five pillars of Islam and performs year for millions of years in Saudi Arabia. Mecca pilgrims are advised to be vaccinated against meningitis and prove this on entry as well. In addition, vaccination against influenza and polio are recommended. The Catholic faithful are required during the pilgrimage in October to wash their hands regularly with soap and use a tissue when coughing and sneezing. If there is a mass influx, it is advisable to a mouth guard.